The Mauve Unitx is a female-owned, independent jewelry label passionately led by our founder, Neha S Aroraa. We are driven by our deep love for beauty and our unwavering dedication to creating exceptional pieces of jewelry. Our brand caters to women who appreciate the transformative power of accessories and desire jewelry that is both accessible and expressive of their artistic, feminine essence. Through our designs, craftsmanship, and commitment to empowering women, we aim to inspire confidence and celebrate individuality.

Neha S Aroraa

Neha S Aroraa, the founder of The Mauve Unitx, is a passionate and talented jewelry designer with a deep appreciation for history and an eye for contemporary chic. Her educational background in jewelry designing and gemology, coupled with her love for the Victorian and Edwardian era, form the foundation of her unique design philosophy. Neha's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and her ability to blend past inspirations with modern sensibilities have made The Mauve Unitx a distinctive and beloved jewelry label.


Step into our stand-alone store located in Bangalore where modern sophistication meets femininity, chicness, and dreaminess. Explore our curated collection of exquisite pieces, meticulously crafted to capture your imagination. Let our store be your sanctuary of beauty and grace, where you can discover the perfect expression of your individuality.

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